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holographicamericans said: hey, wanna write a short thingy of a few paragraphs about vaganism and why it matters to you or something like that for the vegan/vegan recipe zine i'm putting together?

I just logged back onto this old blog and saw this message and now I’m sad I didn’t see it months ago.

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So I got no sleep, but I learned a bit of shit about life.

So I got no sleep, but I learned a bit of shit about life.

What. The. Fuck.

I know shit on my blog never gets too deep, but …

what in the name of fuck.

I would imagine that they use information gathered from testing done in the past by others. That’s a bit of a gray area I guess. Fruit of the tainted tree? I don’t know how I feel about that. Hmm.

The stupidest fucking thing about animal testing cigarettes is that they’re never going to be fucking safe. What the hell are these tests for? “Let’s kill a dog to see if it’s dangerous THIS time!”

Hopefully the brand just doesn’t waste the time.

rumandstars said: my sister has a friend who buys a special brand of cigarettes b/c she refuses to contribute to animal testing. i wish i could remember the brand...

Whoa. I didn’t know that.

If you’re gonna smoke, do it this way.

Fat people in America are reduced to nothing but fatness. A fat person has a health problem of any kind? It’s because they’re fat. A fat person is single? Well, duh. Fat. They deserve it. A fat person is poor? That’s not surprising-obviously they have bad judgment and no impulse control! Because why would a smart person choose to be fat? If a fat person goes to a restaurant and sits on a broken chair and the chair collapses under them, it’s because they’re fat. But if a thin person sits on the same broken chair and the chair collapses under them, it’s because they sat on a broken chair.

Lindy West, Being Mean To Fat People is Pointless: A Good Old Fashioned Plea for Civility (via broadist)

Negative experience = because of your fat

Positive experience = in spite of your fat

Also: this is a fab post, but don’t read the comments. I cried.

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I don’t CARE if someone is fat for my own sake—there are much worse things in this world than being fucking fat—but I really hope we don’t get to the point where people start denying risks of being too overweight.

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Cigarettes aren’t vegan because of the INCREDIBLY CRUEL animal testing involved with their creation.




Anyone who thinks cigarettes are vegan is a fucking dumbass.

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